It's not enough to aim, you must hit your target!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sobering Thought

As I have too much
to spend,
I spent some time reminiscing
those things
happened to me this year.

Too much.
just too much.

True friends are hard to come by.
Evidences were there to prove that right.
I'd been 
wasting my time
on a friendship
which gave me so many heartbreaks.
We did have
memorable moments.
But as calculations are applied.
Deplorable moments
delightful ones.

There were so many
silent treatments,
and laughter.
They lied between this friendship
nearly dragged me to the edge
breaking down.
Fortunately, I did not.

Actions speak louder than words.
As we always say,
the ones
who stay with you
when you have problems
are those
treat you genuinely.
 I'd like
to express my gratitude to 
all my good friends.
Having you guys
a huge blessing
in my life.

Of course.
To that particular person
who probably 
a profound impact on me.
We are still friends.
It's of no use
for me to harbor a grudge against you.
Just a piece of advice.
Do not hurt 
other people like you did anymore.
They might not make it through.

Life has its ups and downs.
And it
goes on.

Best wishes.



Sitting in front of my pc.
Not knowing 
what to do.
Feeling uneasy.
This leads me to find out the reason why.
which causes me to drown in 
such inanity.

All the stress and nervousness
caused by 
vanished into the void.

The one replaces it
the feeling of emptiness.

It's okay.
This wouldn't last long.
Gonna work soon.

I still miss something.
which everyone would choose
to avoid.
Exam perhaps?

*Missing old friends. 
Shall we meet?

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Perfect Morning

Morning peeps!

Im gonna share a song
I personally love very much
with you guys.
Plainly in love with their amazing voices!

A song
covered by Jayesslee.

Enjoy! :)

are so beautiful and sweet.
Aren't they?

Reference Books For Sale!

It'd been almost a month after SPM!
Biggest exam
Malaysian students' lifetime.

Cleared my room a few days ago.
I've no idea where to put all those 
reference and exercise books!
That's why,
I am gonna sell them
LOW prices. 
**Get some free exercise books upon buying!
Private message me
on facebook
for more info!

Here are some of the pictures
BM essays.
Solutions to Bio, Chem and Phy.
Past Year Questions 
which play
important roles in getting 
good scores in exam!

Do not hesitate to message me 
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more info!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Embrace Life

How much of time left
for us to embrace?
We do not know.

How many days do we have
for us to celebrate?
We do not know either.

It's not worth it for us 
to think about how 
selfish, pretentious, arrogant
other people are.

The most important thing is
to do our own parts
live life to the fullest.

We've no idea 
what comes after this second.
Do not hesitate 
to compliment those who deserve it.

Live in every moment
cherish every second you have.
Face every problem
 you encounter 
with a broad smile on your face.

Live life the way you want it to be 
embrace life.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Together We Laugh

SPM is just around the corner.
Have been studying Bio for few days.
Just want to grab the opportunity to express my feelings while taking a break.
Sorry Bio, date later ya!

I would like to thank my classmates 
for singing birthday song during Physics and Chemistry lessons!
Sorry teachers!
You all made my day!
Love you girls.
Mel, Thanks for the muffin! 

Lee2, Mei Yi and Joo Sing
Thanks for the book ya! 
Totally see through me!

Shyern, Shan, CMei and my MOM!
Thanks for the big surprise!
Yea it was really touching.
I'm sure that I'll watch the video again and again.
That would be the best thing I could have from all of you!
Love y'all! 

I went through so much this year.
Excluding my parents, 
all of you were those people
who offered me shoulders to cry on,
listened to me while I talked non-stop about certain people,
and the most importantly, 
laughed together like there's no tomorrow.

Words couldn't express my gratitude towards y'all.
There's one thing that I'd like to say,
I love y'all!

Lets fight for SPM! 
We can do it!
We must make it!
We will succeed!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Here We Go Again!

Lee Lee, Chia Ying, Melanie and I
After so many weeks of school holidays!
Thanks to me!
We actually had plans for group study before holidays.
But we didn't manage to do 
The main reason was,
We were still not in the STUDY mood.
I'm sure there are lots of people out there 
Already finished doing revision.
But four of us are just different.
We need motivation!
Lee Lee is an exception.


As usual,
We went to Old Town at Malim.
Everybody was late.
Except for me
Lee Lee,
You were late to my house


Not surprising,
We started by talking about other topics.
It was about 1.30 when we started chatting.
 Lee Lee didn't talk much
 Melanie,Chia Ying and I talked a lot
 Maybe Ying not so much.
 We started with our FAVOURITE subject
 Lee2 and Ying were really into it.
Mel and I
I don't know what to say
We studied after a while.
Our books were all over the table!
Almost everybody who walked past us
Gave us weird looks.
Not good.
We took photos after we got bored
Took quite long to capture a nice one.
We continued studying after that
Not really.
We talked about something else also
Four of us had the same thought about that particular person
I thought that I was the only one having that thought.
I was not!
My doubts fell away
I was not prejudiced against her.
That topic certainly made us laugh a lot.
Even Lee Lee was distracted!
What do you think?


What did we study after the whole evening?
I don't know about Lee2 and Ying.
But definitely not little
Melanie and I were fantastic.
Want to know what did we study?
Do i need to say?
No need right.
Virtual image and Real image!
We felt so happy and satisfied.
Maybe more than that.


Group study officially ended after Lee Lee left.
We were tired and sleepy.
Had conversation about form 3's life.
And our future too.
Talked about other things also
But they are all PnC.
Went to Mel's house after that 
but I went back after 30 minutes.
Had headache and toothache.
How pathetic


Hopefully we will study more when we meet next time.
Is anyone interested?
Audition first
Basic requirements are as below.
-Loves chatting and laughing!